Welcome to Feed My Sheep

About Feed My Sheep

Feed My Sheep is a non-judgmental, faith based program dedicated to providing nourishment to the homeless, homebound and needy of the Gulfport area.

Even though there is no “structured religious element” of the Feed My Sheep program, the Christian Spirit is alive and well in everything that we do. When Jesus instructed his disciples to “…feed my sheep,” He not only meant physical nourishment, but also spiritual nourishment.

We provide our service on a “no questions asked” basis.  If you walk through our door in your hour of need, or request a meal for a shut-in, we will be there for you!!

How to get involved:

  • Deliver meals through a local church
  • Donate and help support our mission financially
  • Volunteer your time and touch a life

There are many ways to get involved with our organization. Visit us on Facebook or Twitter for volunteer and event updates.